Pal Žiga


Serbian violinist Pal Žiga studied at the High School of Music in Subotica, in the class of Prof. Pekar Tibor. At age 14, Žiga joined the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra as a second violinist. Shortly after joining, he founded a trio which won numerous awards in the country and abroad.

After graduating from the High School of Music, Žiga studied at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Prof. Irina Jasvili, former student of famous Moscow violinist David Oistrakh. During his studies, Žiga was a member of the quartet that brought numerous awards, performed with the Novi Sad Opera, and joined the Vojvodina Philharmonic Orchestra.

After completing his studies, Žiga returned to his hometown of Subotica, and in 2005 he began work at the Music School in Subotica, where he became the head of the department.

In 2006 Žiga became the deputy concertmaster of the Subotica Philharmonic, and in 2008 after the 100th anniversary of the Subotica Philharmonic's founding, he was promoted to the concertmaster of the orchestra.

In 2017, Žiga became the music director of the Subotica Philharmonic. Since his appointment, the Subotica Philharmonic has performed the works of composer greats such as Rimsky Korsakov (Scheherazade), Beethoven (Violin Concerto), and Bach (Passion for John), as well as organizing countless humanitarian concerts.