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The Competition

The Lányi Competition is the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra's international competition for conductors. In 2021 it will be held solely ONLINE via video submissions. Competition's goal is to identify and support great conducting and musical talents who will take the podium of eminent orchestras internationally.

Respected international Jury includes Oliver von Dohnányi (Slovakia), Alexander Mayer (Germany), Diane Wittry (USA), Michalis Economou (Greece), Antonio Di Cristofano (Italy) and Pal Žiga (Serbia) whose careers are tightly connected with such institutions as Yekaterinburg Opera House, Opera Queensland, Hungarian State Opera, Allentown Symphony Orchestra, Garden State Philharmonic, Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel, Sinfonietta de Lausanne, Athens Symphony Orchestra, Greek National Radio Orchestra, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.

Subotica Philharmonic is the oldest symphony orchestra in Serbia and one of the oldest in Southeastern Europe established by the great Hungarian conductor and composer Ernő Lányi in 1908.

Ernő Lányi

b. Ernő Langsfeld, 1861, Pest, Austro-Hungarian Empire - 1923, Subotica, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

The Hungarian composer Ernő Lányi is known in the Hungarian musicography for his achievements in the domains of songwriting and choral compositions, for his organization of the music life in Miskolc and in Subotica, as well as for his pedagogical work. Lányi becomes a student of the then most famous musicians such as Liszt, Hiller and Kessler.  He was a répétiteur in the Royal Hungarian Opera in Budapest at the time when Gustav Mahler was its director (during the season of 1889-1890). As a conductor and musician, he worked in the Viennese Theater "Ring", in the theater in Miskolc, as a teacher of choral singing in Pest, conductor in Cluj-Napoca, Ston Belgrade and Eger. In Subotica Lányi organized and conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite the fact that his importance is noted, the real importance of Ernő Lányi still has not been adequately put in perspective. In order to make the repertoire as diverse as possible and the quality of the performance as good as possible, Lányi often invited top soloists and guest performers to the Philharmonic Orchestra's concerts such as Béla Bartók and Pablo Casals.


Concert Opportunities & Money Prizes

1st Prize

  • 1500 euro
  • Concert w/ Grosseto Symphony Orchestra 
  • Concert w/ Subotica Philharmonic 
  • Concert w/ Ruse Philharmonic
  • Concert w/ Croatian Chamber Orchestra

2nd Prize

  • 500 euro
  • Concert w/ Lugansk Philharmonic

Special Prize

  • 200 euro
  • "1 on 1" with Mo Economou

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